Thursday, October 25

He's Off!

School has been underway for nearly two months, and I'm happy to report that Drew is doing very well in the mainstream setting. Other than a couple of issues getting his teachers and support staff used to his personal FM system, the start of Kindergarten has gone exactly as planned.

Drew has enjoyed making new friends, and asks to have a new friend over for a play date nearly every week. His favorite part of the school day is either gym or recess, depending on the day. Drew is reading. He has math homework. He has been superstar and shared stories with the class about his crazy family. He loves being at the same school with his sister.

Our life with a Kindergartener is so normal. Just how I prayed it would be.


kate blue said...

yay! Cheers for Drew! I think I'm fortunate in that my son goes to a school that has a Deaf Educ program in place and FM systems are the norm...we had our bilateral consult today so I['m super excited about that..makes me want to blog more about his successes in class; thanks for the inspiration to do that!

Messy Mom said...

Very cool! My daughter is deaf and at 2 1/2 she is getting her first implant. She was late diagnosed. She is also connexin 26. We live near Louisville KY now, but we are thinking about moving to Cincinnati and getting into a deaf school there. It's great to see your son's story. Thanks for all the info.

Katie Kahler said...

I found your blog on the right day. Seeing Drew is giving me hope that my son Noah will be okay. Thank you for sharing.

John Wick said...

The overall evaluation for reading reads: "Paired with the KTEA-3, results suggest gladys cobb

diana said...

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