Tuesday, June 28

Four Years

We awoke on a beautiful, sunny morning four years ago today, knowing that our son would hear his very first sounds at his cochlear implant activation that day. We knew that the real work would begin that day. We knew that we would be deeply involved in speech and auditory training for the foreseeable future. We knew, no matter what may have crossed our path, that it was the beginning of our sons road to talking and communicating with his family and the world.

What we didn't know four years ago was how remarkably normal our life would become in this short time. That therapy appointments would really become a distant memory, a thing of the past. We didn't know how naturally hearing and speaking would come to him, but it did, and with his cochlear implants he has soared. Four years later our summer is filled with t-ball games where Drew can hear just like his teammates; it's a summer filled with trips to the pool where Drew can hear in the water. It's filled with everything that a little boys life should be filled with.

What we didn't know four years ago was that Drew was clearly born to talk. Happy 4th Hearing Day to our Drew.


Hunter's Mommy said...

I just found your blog today, on the 4 year birthday and congrats. We have a son who is 3 1/2 months old who will receive the implant hopefully on his first birthday. It is SO nice to hear how normal his life is, and the t-ball part really made me smile. Thank you for writing this. It means more than you know.

Melanie said...

Love this post. I remember reading (stalking?) your blog right after Peas was activated and watching every single video. Hearing Drew speak helped me on days when things seemed really slow. Thank you for sharing your journey and happy #4 for Drew!

Ben's Mom said...

Congratulation to all of you! What an amazing four years - I have been so blessed to follow along on your journey.

Amy said...

Yes, your blog has been an inspiration for us as well leading up to Ava's activation and going forward. Thank you and Drew, you rock!

tammy said...

Happy four years hearing Drew! As many, you have been one of our biggest inspirations too and you continue to be. Watching you grow the past three years has been amazing and we are so proud of you!

Nia Andriani - Bogor, Indonesia said...

Dear Drew's parents,
first of all we would like to wish the very best for Drew. We are Indonesian family, with our daughter name Hayya Siti Atqiya (we call her Yaya) 4 years old. She has profound hearing loss with 110 db, and the doctor said she must have cochlear implant. What we want to know is :
1. Does Yaya must have a surgery to have this bionic ear? because what we saw in your video, Drew use the 'tool' outside.
2. How does 'it' work?
3. How much does it cost? Can we have other alternative option to give 'the world' to Yaya like Drew?
4. Where we can have the complete information for cochlear implant? Do you have a connection in Indonesia?

We are very pleased if we get much information from you.

Thank you and best regards,
Nia Andriani

Laynie said...

I found Drew's YouTube video of the activation tonight and found myself sitting, smiling, while the tears fell. Seeing this entry? Yea, they're back.

I'm so so happy Drew's had the opportunity to be such a normal little boy. I hope the rest of your lives are filled with happy days and easy paths.