Saturday, February 5

Snow Tubing

Drew has really enjoyed watching the Winter X-Games on ESPN over the past couple of weeks. He is always asking what "trick" a skier or snowboarder is performing, and he's been asking to go skiing. I'm not quite sure that he is ready for that, so we decided on Snow Tubing at Mad River Mountain.

Drew and his sister loved it! They had so much fun snow tubing. They kept asking to go up the mountain again and again. To be honest, I think I may be sore for days from the experience, but they had a great time!

Here is a video from the experience:


Lucas'Mommy said...

love that camera angle! so much fun! we might be coming out your way this summer... we'll let you know if we do!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Keylah and I found your blog the other day while I was searching some videos on youtube. My son Isaac was also born on Jan. 24. 2010 with profound hearing loss in both ears because of a virus called CMV. He got his first CI put in on feb. 3. His activation is scheduled for March 1st. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and while reading through your posts, I realized that I'm not in this alone. I have felt the very same way that you did when Drew was younger and was not hearing. I would love to keep in contact with you because I haven't met any families yet that have gone through this as well. I will soon when Isaac starts group but, I just loved reading about Drew's progress. I hope we keep in touch. My email is By the way, your son Drew is adorable!