Sunday, February 13

Deaf Child Speech With Cochlear Implants - Update

Drew's Mom is presenting to a class of audiology students this week, to introduce them to the world of cochlear implants and speech therapy from a parent's perspective.  She did this last year to rave reviews, and was asked back again.

To prepare, we made a new video of Drew so these students can see his progress year over year; from a little baby responding to his name, to the talkative little boy we have today.  While Drew did a fine job, he was in rare form.

Watch this latest video to get a sense of Drew's personality and sense of humor - including his wardrobe of choice: Drew Singing, Rhyming and Laughing With Cochlear Implants"

Link to last year's video: "Cochlear Implant Speech Therapy"

Drew at 1 1/2: "Cochlear Implant Child Speaks 10 Months Post-Activation"

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Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Megan and I am currently enrolled in a class called Education of the exceptional child and I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and wanted to first off thank you for posting the inspirational story of your son and his accomplishments thus far. Before reading through what you offer on your website about hearing impairments I never realized what great technology was out there to improve the hearing loss some people deal with. I also found your website very helpful in terms of resources and events you have posted. I think the most effective and eye opening thing you have on your website are the videos you have of your son and how much progress he has made. In fact, I babysit for a little girl who is about the same age as Drew and I find it remarkable that his speech and language is way more advanced than hers. I think it just proves that with support and dedication hearing impairments don't have to be the factor that holds those who experience them back in life. It has been a joy to follow your blog these last few weeks and I hope Drew's advancement continues at the rate its at.