Thursday, December 3

Poo-Poo in the Potty!

Oh, man! I think potty training Drew might be the end of me, but we've finally had success with getting #2 in the potty! (Is that TMI?)

Drew eating pizza at a celebratory outing to Chuck-E-Cheese!

Having successfully trained one little one, and having changed diapers for nearly five years I'm done with changing diapers! (Unfortunately, that statement isn't literal!)

I really don't think potty training is worth it - and won't even work - until the child is truly ready. Pull-ups are a huge waste of money, and in my opinion, just do not work. And the whole idea of "scheduled potty training" is great for the first day or two you try to put your little one in big-boy (or big-girl) underwear, but how long can I actually keep setting a 15 minute timer?

My goal? A child that recognizes that he has to use the potty and then actually gets himself to the potty in time to do his business. Once we see the potential in this area, it's game on! And that finally happened last night! Drew, who was watching the Lion King (his new favorite movie) in the basement, walked up the stairs and pro-claimed, "I'm gonna go pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty!" Then, he walked upstairs, sat on the potty and went! #1 and #2!! Yahoo!

Since this major break-through, Drew's Dad and I have been dealing with full on tantrums from the little guy. He is refusing to wear a diaper! So, off to school he went today in his Spiderman underwear. I can hardly wait to hear the report from today's adventure at school.

Oh, please, God, let this be the end of my diaper changing, potty training days!


leah said...

Toilet training is definitely not worth it until the child is ready! Matt was 3 years, 3 months before we ever had a poop on the potty (sorry if TMI, lol). Now he's almost four and is in underwear all the time, but has an occasional pee accident if we don't remind him to go (he'll get busy playing and then it is "too late").

I agree on the pull-ups. We use them at bed time, but that's it. They're just too expensive, and the child treats them like diapers. I am not even going to start with Nolan until he's ready (and with the PUV's, it might be a while before he can sense when his bladder is full).

Bill and Shelly said...

Way to go Drew!!! Jared was almost 4 before he got the poo part down.
Allison was a breeze, I guess there really is something to this boy vs girl thing when it come to potty training.
I am not looking forward to potty training Jordan, but I am looking forward to diaper free days.

JoeyRes said...

I thought potty training was going to be the thing that broke me. It's horrible when you're in the midst of it but then one day it all falls into place - or I suppose the potty.

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