Friday, December 11

First Trip to the Dentist

Drew had his first dentist appointment this week! We prepared Drew for the appointment by talking a little about what the dentist would do, like count his teeth and brush them, and we told him that he would have to lay in the chair and say "ahhh!" He was really excited to be a "big boy" and go to the dentist like his big sister.

It only helped that we have probably the worlds most fabulous dentist when it comes to working with children. Seriously, he is excellent. He played so much with Drew and was so interactive with him, which is exactly what Drew needs. Drew wanted to know everything the dentist was going to do, and was talking to him throughout the entire appointment, to the point where I had to tell Drew to be quite so the dentist could work on his mouth! The fact that Drew was so open with him was just amazing.

And it didn't hurt that the world's best big sister sat right by Drew's side, talking him through the whole process. I mean, seriously, how cute is this?

The whole time we were there, I just kept thinking how amazing it was that Drew was able to communicate his needs completely by himself. Spit? Check! Drink? Check! Toy from the toy chest? Check! Without his cochlear implants, Drew's Dad and I would have had to do all of the communicating for Drew. Not that that would be bad, or the end of the world, or anything. But how wonderful is it for Drew that he is able to communicate his needs all by himself?


MB said...

I'm so impressed he was so patient.

I am fearing our dentist appointment next week. Mari does so well with doctors and even the hospital but freaks at the site of a dentist.

Our last appointment we couldn't even get her out of the waiting room and the dentist recommended finding someone that would sedate her! We'll see how she does at a pediatric practice.

susannah said...

what a wonderful gift that our kids can communicate for themselves!

Eddie said...

What a cute boy! The photos made me remember my son during his latest visit to the sedation dentist (Atlanta-based). He didn't have to doze off because he behaved properly. Letting them watch cartoons helps, I guess. And the dentist was very friendly, too. With his jokes and funny mask, he made my son laugh during a dentist appointment. You don't see that everyday! That's why I'm so happy with the dentistry in Atlanta.