Tuesday, November 17

Drew Update

So, what has Drew been up to these days?

Drew loves playing outside! He has had so much fun helping rake leaves, playing in the leaves and mowing the lawn?!

He mowed for quite some time, making sure to stop and say "Hi!" and "Bye!" to Daddy each and every time. I just love the quality of his voice. And I just love how truly sweet this little boy is!

And here is video of the dinner ritual with Drew. I was truly spoiled by my first born, who will eat just about anything. She will try just about anything! But not my little Drew! He usually starts saying "I don't want that!" before dinner even hits the table. It's just lovely.

It certainly is annoying, but I love the fact that he is able to tell me with his own, whiny words that he "doesn't want to eat that food!" It's just tuna noodle casserole. Who wouldn't want to eat it?

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MB said...

Mari's AVT worked so hard get us to teach her negation, and now she says everyday. "No. I don't like it." She is the pickiest eater!