Tuesday, November 24


Drew and his sister are pictured with Drew's Cochlear Implant Surgeon, Dr. Richard Kang, in the latest edition "Spotlight". The article is highlighting the work being done by the Hearing Team Parent Advisory Board, of which I am a member.

Our cochlear implant program has been experiencing some growing pains, which our family has personally encountered, and as a result forced us to make some difficult decisions. While we have certainly had our frustrations, we are very happy that Dr. Kang, and his staff, recognize the need for continuous improvement, and that they have reached out to parents to understand our needs. I am hopeful that this group will be able to make some significant changes to better the program, not only for my son, but for the community at large.


leah said...

That's a great picture of both kids! It sounds like they are working the kinks out of their program- I certainly hope everything gets worked out SOON. I think a parent advisory board is a great idea- I wish our Children's Hospital had one (maybe I'll suggest it)!

tammy said...

Count me in! I'd love to join and be part of such an important team!