Friday, November 16

What Happened to Mama?

Drew is talking...a lot. But what happened to Mama?!?

Drew has quite the personality. I think he is saying "Dada" on purpose! Every time I ask him to say "Mama" he says "Dada". Actually, my daughter did the exact same thing. She said "ma ma ma ma" first and then went months before she said it again. It looks like Drew is going to follow in his big sisters' footsteps!

It's amazing to watch Drew's development. Not only is he developing his language but he's been working hard on his gross motor skills again this week. He stood on his own a few different times for three to five seconds. We have noticed a drastic improvement in his overall balance in the last week. He has been pulling up on the furniture for quite some time now, but he has always been shaky when standing. In the past week the wobbling is gone. He will also let go of whatever he is holding on to and will lean forward and catch himself on something else. He doesn't have to be holding on at all times anymore. And with walking...tremendous progress.

Did you notice his receptive language at the end? He seemed to understand "backward"! Drew's Dad and I are just amazed with what he understands. We are very proud of all the things our little boy has accomplished.


Laurie said...

Cute! Happy Thanksgiving! There is much to be thankful for!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Drew! He's truly an amazing little boy with an especially high cute factor.

Jennifer said...

Heather has it right...his 'cute factor" is through the roof! I love hearing him talk...he's doing so well! He'll pick up Mama again in no time :)
My son, who had NO balance problems, NO hearing problems, totally normal kid...didn't walk at all until 15 months. My mother-in-law was starting to freak out, but it just wasn't his thing...he was a talker, but no interest at all in walking if someone would carry him. Drew's in the range of normal with the walking business...and it looks to me like he's gonna take flight on his own...soon! :)

Mom to Toes said...


Drew is amazing. He is really going to break all records.

Go Drew!

(Oh, and Go Bucks! Good game today, wasn't it? ;-)