Friday, November 9

"Ma ma ma ba da da"

Drew is babbling! We have heard all sorts of "ma ma," "da da" and "ba ba" combinations over the past week. It started last Friday, November 2, when he said a whole string of "ma" while we were eating dinner. He is such a happy little guy and we are so happy listening to him talk!

Drew has had some excellent therapy sessions over the past two weeks. He is obviously making all sorts of new expressive sounds daily and his receptive language is exploding. He understands up, down, on, off, open, close, push, pull and the list goes on and on, and it seems to expand daily. When presented with two animals and their respective sound he will select the correct animal, for instance picking up a cow when he hears "moo."

One night this week Drew and I were playing in the living room when Drew's Dad turned on the water for the bath tub. Drew looked up at me, indicating that he heard the water turn on. I said, "Drew, it's time to take a bath," and he took off crawling toward the stairs, crawled up the stairs and into the bathroom. I don't know what else to say: cochlear implants are amazing!

We had some friends and their babies over to watch the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin football game last Saturday (Go Bucks!). There were points where we thought the babbling was coming from our friends babies only to find that it was Drew talking!

I have of course tried to get all of this new babbling on video, but as soon as he sees the camera he stops talking! He is more interested in it than what he was previously doing. Video to come. I am working on it...


Mom to Toes said...

Go Drew!!!

Don't you hate how they clam up as soon as that camera comes out?

They need to make a video camera that looks like something they want nothing to do with, like a green vegetable.

Anonymous said...

Yay! That's fantastic news you guys! I love Mom to Toes comment, can you picture a digital camera shaped like a broccoli floret? LOL!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT!! The little man has found his voice!! I wish I could be there to hear him!!
Stories like this really make my day! :)