Wednesday, October 10

CI Dilemma #1

We've had our first dilemma...

Often CI children wear their body worn processors in a pocket(s) attached to the child's clothing. So, what do you do when your CI child spills a cup of milk all down his shirt less than 20 minutes before bed-time?

a. Leave him in the wet shirt so he can keep his ears on.

b. Remove his ears and wet shirt and call it a day.


The diaper works too!

I have to say that we entertained the diaper idea for a few moments but I actually managed to keep both ears on while removing the wet shirt and putting on a new shirt. Man I'm getting good with his equipment!


Anonymous said...

I'm beyond impressed!

Jennifer said...

That is WAAAAAAAAY too cute!!! You got a huge smile out of me!!!

Jason said...

I'm loving the diaper route although you're going to need some quick hands in certain, err..., circumstances!

Cloggy said...

Love the diaper...

With us, Lotte has allways had the processors on the back, in a little bag, fastened with a safetypin. Easy to remove, so we would have put on her PJ's and pin the processors back on her shoulders.

I can imagine that with your system, it is quite a hassle to install it all again..

More info on Lotte's blog.. (See the index/labels on the left - "BTE-bags" or follow the folowing link...

Landon's Mom said...

That's hilarious! I think I would have had to call it a night :) Guess this is some of the fun we have to look forward to in a couple of weeks.

Mom to Toes said...

How funny!!! Perfect idea.

That picture is a classic. How fun that one will be to look at years from now!

Have you received the babyworn equipment yet? Very neat stuff!


Drew's Mom said...


We haven't gotten our babyworn yet - and probably won't for months to come. With Drew's surgery date we were the SEDCOND mailing!! I sent the postcard back the day I received it, which was late September. I'm guessing he'll have it as a Christmas present?

I can't wait - no more pockets! And he is getting good at keeping his implants on, unless very tired, so I think we'll be seeing him without the hat for longer period of time. That will be great b/c I love his hair. He looks like such a little boy!

Mom to Toes said...

That is too bad about the babyworn. You shouldn't have to wait! But I imagine they can only produce so many at a time.

You're going to love it.

I say call Cochlear and remind them how special Drew is and what a spokesman he is! :-D