Saturday, July 7

Fourth of July

We had a very nice Fourth of July. We took Drew and his sister to our local parade. We were so excited because Drew could hear so many of the sounds of the parade. He heard fire engine sirens, horns honking on the classic cars, planes flying in the sky and marching bands. It was so exhausting hearing all of those new sounds. Drew actually fell asleep on Pa Pa's shoulder about mid-way through the parade!

Drew Sleeping.

Notice the pockets that have been sewn on Drew's clothing to hold his BWP's. They are very cute and are easy to access in case his processors are not working properly.

This week of hearing has been so exciting! To see him respond to sound just brings a huge smile to my face and tears to my eyes. I was able to keep Drew awake while riding in the car. I didn't want him to fall asleep until we got home - and it worked! Every time I would yell, "Drew", he would open his eyes. Can you believe it? He will turn his head in the DIRECTION of knocking sounds we make while sitting at the kitchen table. He will turn his head and look in the DIRECTION he hears sounds coming from, be it our voices, the TV or one of his sisters noisy toys. It is completely amazing and would never have been possible without the wonderful technology of cochlear implants. What a wonderful journey we are on!

Happy Birthday, America! And Happy Hearing, Drew!

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