Monday, July 16

Drew Can Hear The "Ling" Sounds (Video)

Drew is consistently moving through his different "maps" and is doing well. Yesterday we tested his hearing ability by having Drew's Mom sit behind him and make the "Ling Sounds". These sounds are 1) "aaah", 2) "oooh", 3) "eeee", 4) "mmmm", 5) "ssss", and 6) "shhh", and are supposed to represent the sounds that one needs to be able to detect to hear speech properly.

Here is Drew hearing the "Lings":

We were excited to see that Drew clearly responded to most of them and seemed to respond to the others when the sounds were made at close range. We will keep moving farther and farther away to monitor how well he is hearing, but this is a great start!


Jen said...

I can't believe Drew is doing so well in just such a short period of time. We love reading the updates - it gives us hope that soon Landon will be in the same place. To think that just 3 weeks ago he heard nothing and to see him now responding to sounds - it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, really neat to see him clearly responding to sound! Drew's mom seems like a professional AV therapist :-)

Nicole said...

Those videos are great! I'm going to have to learn how to do that on Aiden's Blog...
One cool thing to look forward to with the LING sounds - just last week, Aiden started repeating the LING sounds back to us before he puts the ring on the stand. We just think that's the greatest thing - not only can he clearly HEAR each of the sounds, but his brain can process them in such a way that he can vocalize them exactly back to us. Truly amazing!