Tuesday, February 13

The Research Project is A Go!

I talked with the team doing the research project on cochlear implant candidates at Cincinnati Children's late last week, and have been assured that Drew's participation in the study will in no way impact our time line for having Drew implanted. As a result, we have decided to have Drew participate in the study.

Drew's MRI, which is for the research study and to gain insurance approval, will be on June 28th at 8 AM. From there, we will submit for insurance approval and after that the surgery will be scheduled. Dr. Choo assured us that if we are at all unhappy with the time line, he can directly impact his surgery schedule to accommodate us since we are helping with his research project. We would like to have Drew implanted no later than mid-August.

In addition, Drew will be having another round of evaluations, similar to the ones he had back in December. Those are scheduled for June 6th. His speech pathologist and developmental/behavioral doctor would like to see him again to make sure he is developing on schedule.

If you would like more information on the research study being conducted at Cincinnati Children's, please click here.

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