Thursday, October 27

Five Years

Five years ago yesterday we learned of Drew's hearing loss. Yesterday, we didn't even remember. Not a clue that it was the anniversary of his hearing loss. Drew went to the pumpkin patch with his class, told me all about the straw maze he played in and how his teacher gave him a spider ring. It was a pretty cool day.

That's what happens when life is so normal. When early detection and intervention work perfectly.

Click here to read about Drew's diagnosis.


Kat said...

These are the posts that give me hope for our little man...two years post activation...doing great but, so far yet still to go. Happy fall!!

Angela K. said...

Thank you for blogging about your family and your little boy for families like mine. My daughter who is 19 months just had her bilateral CI surgery last week. I am excited for the future. These kinds of posts give me hope. Thanks.

leah said...

Happy hearing birthday, Drew! Isn't it great when things are so typical that the anniversary passes without any notice? Love it!

tammy said...

Love this!

Alysemom said...

So good to read Drew is doing sooo well! My 8yr old daughter, Ari, is also a bilateral implantee. She was implanted at 2yrs old and then 3 1/2yrs old (back then you HAD to have two seperate surgeries) We're still in AVT butttt life is VERY normal for us. She's doing well in school. So well that I try REALLY hard to not get upset when she's on YOUTUBE trying to learn ALL the lyrics to the latest Katy Perry SONG!!!

Everyone, hang in does pay off in the long run :-)