Friday, March 11

Green Beer Day for Me! St. Patty's Day for Toddlers!

In what seems to be my distant past, St. Patty's Day meant one thing - Green Beer! Nowadays, it is a day to play silly leprechaun tricks on my kids and make crazy Irish inspired crafts. Coming up with craft and food ideas can be difficult - there are just so many holidays, and they are all back-to-back, so it seems like I'm just cleaning up glitter and glue from Valentine's Day when St. Patty's Day is here!

Crafts are so important in the lives of children. They can explore different textures and materials, and they can really use their little imaginations. It also helps that crafts offer a huge language opportunity for our children - hearing or not.

I'm not a very crafty person by nature, nor do I have a ton of extra time on my hands to try to be crafty! So, where do I go to find some of my most favorite craft ideas? Family Fun is my go-to resource. I always look for ideas on this site before googling or anything. Sometimes I find that their crafts are a little too old for my toddlers, but with some pre-work on my part or tweaking of the craft, I can make most work.

This weekend, we're going to make shamrocks and leprechaun mirrors. And, for our St. Patty's dessert, we're going to whip up these Rainbow Cupcakes. I like things that are simple and easy and fun for all!

What are some of your favorite craft sites for toddlers?

Erin Go Braugh!


The Brights said...

Family Fun is our go-to site too! We made the rainbow cake last year and it was so beautiful!! I think we found this idea on family fun too, but if you strategically place three small balls of tinfoil around the cupcake, it will come out looking like a shamrock! Just add a green stem! has millions of ideas + it links back to many other crafty blogs. Not always toddler friendly, but it gets the wheels turning!

leah said...

Family Fun is the best! I use the Crafty Crow, too - they are usually crafts for older kids, but some of them work for little guys.

My friend makes a rainbow on top of the cupcake by cutting Laffy Taffy into thin strips and recombining them into a rainbow. It is really cute!

We're getting ready to make leprechaun traps for next week: the boys LOVE that activity!