Saturday, October 24

Story Books

Wow! Have you seen these?

I've been working on uploading our family pictures from the year - I'm a little behind. And I happened to see these books! I have not ordered one, so I don't know exactly what they look like, but to me, they seem like a perfect thing for our little HOH/deaf kiddos! There is one about birthdays, bed time and farm animals. Too cute.



leah said...

Those are really cool- I hadn't seen them before. I wish they would make a slightly older version for 4-5 year olds, too!

Bright Family said...

I ordered the dino one for my nephew last Christams and it is super cute. They are fun to read and great quality. I agree with Leah. I wish they had others directed towards older kiddos.

tammy said...

Oh I love these! What a great Christmas present for my younger nieces and nephews too!