Friday, August 21

Did You Know?

As I continue to research and work with our school district in an (what seems to be an often futile) attempt to secure Drew appropriate, needed services, I was sent a link to "Did You Know?," a series of documents created in conjunction with The Moog School for Deaf Education and The Central Institute for the Deaf in an attempt to educate school districts on hearing loss, and its' educational implications. I've found these to be helpful, and I hope you do as well.


leah said...

I'm going to read those right now. Nolan starts 2 year old preschool this year (mainstream- our only option), and I want his teachers to "get" what he is dealing with. Because he speaks so well, people forget that he truly cannot hear as well as the typical child.

katy t said...

I don't this this "Did you Know" link still works. Is it possible to access the info elsewhere? I am reading every word of your IEP process. My son with a cochlear implant turns 3 in May and I have been up late every night trying to get prepared. I would appreciate ANY help.

katy t said...

btw, if you do see this comment, and have any advice, my email is I am very interesting in peer-reviewed research that will help my son not be in a 15 kid special education preschool class.. but in a 6 kid cochlear implant oral program.