Monday, April 24

Update And First Piano Recital

It's hard to believe that we last updated this blog over two years ago!

During that time, Drew's mom and I have continued to get private messages and see comments come through on various posts and videos, some of which are now 10 years old. Most of the communication is positive and we continue to be grateful that readers find the material on the blog valuable.

Because you've asked, here is what Drew (now age 10) is up to these days.

  • 4th grade
  • At or above grade level in every subject according to teachers and state standardized testing
  • Only significant accommodation he receives is his personal FM system
  • Fall: Football
  • Winter: Travel basketball and rec hockey
  • Spring: Travel baseball and rec lacrosse (lacrosse last year only)
  • Summer: Golf

  • Piano (lessons for last 8 months)
  • He wants to play guitar next year
  • He loves watching his sister perform in musical theater and plans on auditioning for his school's 5th grade musical next year
  • Recently has begun enjoying reading in his room
  • Makes friends easily
Here is a video of his first piano recital:

What else do you want to know?


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